Determine If You Need A Plumber Or Water Well Professional

Plumber or Water Well Maintenance Professional?

As professional water well maintenance contractors, we often get phone calls about any and all issues that pertain to water, water pressure and pumps. But sometimes those questions are better suited for a plumber, as they involve pipes or systems that he or she is certified to repair.

In the same way, plumbers often get calls that need to be directed toward water well professionals. This happens because homeowners can tell there is a problem but are unsure how to identify the source of the problem. If you’re unsure whether you need a plumber or a well repair company, use these tips to decide who you should call.

The Plumber’s Role

Plumbers are certified professionals who specialize in repairing systems used for potable water, drainage, sanitation and heating within a home or commercial building. They can identify and fix sneaky leaks and take care of clogged toilets, showers and bathtubs, and they’re also certified to fix leaking water heaters. Plumbers also perform routine maintenance checks that might be too complicated for DIY-ers to tackle themselves. These checks include drain cleaning, cleaning garbage disposals, cleaning water heaters, pressure-tests for hairline leaks, and assessing indoor water pressure.

The only jobs the plumber will perform outside pertain to the sewer lines or septic system. If you have a leak in these systems, the plumber is certified to take care of this.

The Water Well Maintenance Professional’s Role

Water well professionals take care of the water and plumbing outside of the house and in the water well itself. They also perform regular maintenance tests on your water pump and pressure, flow rate, static water level, and water quality.

You can hire a water well professional to repair or replace your water pump, water well winterization, basic electrical repairs, and pump and pressure system installations. You might also call your water well professional to plug your well or help you hook up to city water.

A plumber will deal with clogged pipes inside the house while the water well professional will take care of clogs outside the house. Where things get tricky is when you’re not quite sure what the source of the problem is.

A great example of a time when you might not know who to call is with water pressure. Both plumbers and water well professionals perform maintenance and repairs on systems that manage water pressure, it could mean your pump is too high in the well and needs to be repositioned. However, it it could also mean your pump is too high in the well and needs to be repositioned.

If your water well professional comes out to the check your water well pump and nothing is wrong, then it could be a plumbing issue, like a clogged pipe in the house. Sometimes the only way to find out which professional you need is to call, and here at Double R we are happy to take your call and redirect you to a plumber if that’s who can help you.