Enjoy Steady Flow: The Benefits of Constant Pressure System For Your Home

The Constant Pressure System Is Transforming The Way We Pump Water To Your Home.

Looking to replace your water pressure system? If you have recently used a standard pressure system, you might have experienced some issues regarding hard starts, fluctuating water pressure, damage from hydraulic shocks or inefficient pumping. While all pressure systems come with their ups and downs (pun intended!) there is another option for you to consider: the constant pressure system.

The Benefits of Constant Pressure System

Constant pressure systems represent the forefront of water system technology, transforming the way water is pumped to your home. With a constant pressure system, you can say goodbye to pressure fluctuations and unexpected water bill spikes due to an inefficiently run water pressure system.

  • Steady Pressure and Flow. Constant pressure systems essentially regulate the water pressure to meet the demand for water. The pressure is monitored with a sensor, which starts the pump anytime the water pressure dips 5psi. This helps to keep a steady pressure flow so you never notice dramatic fluctuations.
  • Energy Efficient. While you may be thinking, “I don’t want my pressure tank to start for such a small fluctuation,” then you have a point. Constant starting of the pressure system will wear it down, but the constant pressure system actually protects againsts starts by running really slow if there’s less demand. The constant pressure system optimizes water pressure, using energy efficient technology to control water flow to your home. This will surely be evident in your water bill too. As long as you have some demand coming from the house (washing machine, toilet, shower, etc.) the system won’t shut off.
  • Smart Protection. The constant pressure controller has a soft start, which means minimizes the damage from well disturbances and hydraulic shocks. The controller also tells the pump to shut down if the water level is low, ensuring your pump will never run if your well has run dry.

Is A Constant Pressure System Right For You?

There are few questions you should discuss with your water well professional contractor before making the transition.

    1. How is your power supply? A constant pressure system relies on steady power supply to function properly. For water well owners who live in urban or suburban areas, power supply is probably strong and not an issue. For those who live in rural areas, the power supply may not be as reliable, which could lead to unexpected costs with a constant pressure system.
    2. What is your budget? Constant pressure systems keep your water running smoothly, which can cost a bit more than a stand pressure system. While the constant pressure system will save you money in efficiency costs and preventable damage, replacing the controller can cost upwards of $1,000.

Need more information about your constant pressure system? Call our water well experts today to find out if a constant pressure system is right for you.