Is Your Water Well Dried Up? Look For These Signs

Could Your Water Well Be Drying Up? Signs You Need To Call A Water Well Contractor

Are you experiencing changes in water quality or pressure? While there are many reasons why your water well system could be acting up, a well owner’s biggest fear is that these are signs of the well drying up for good. If you are concerned that this might be the case, read on to find out the signs of a well drying out and whether you need to hire a water well contractor.

Water Looks Murky, Sandy or Muddy

Water pumps are typically installed about 20 feet from the bottom of the well so sand or silt doesn’t get carried up to your faucet. If you are seeing a bunch of sand or mud in your water, this could be an indication that your water levels are low and the pump is too close to the bottom of the well. Although, this could also mean the well screen is damaged and needs replaced. If this is the case, call a professional water well contractor as soon as possible, as sand and sediment cause a lot of wear and tear to well pumps. You don’t want a small problem turning into an expensive one.

Faucet is Sputtering

If you turn on the faucet and it shoots out blast of water and air, then it could mean the water level has dropped below the reach of the well pump. If the well pump doesn’t have enough water to draw up, then it takes in more air, which causes the blast at the end of the faucet. In this case, other gases could also get sucked up from the ground and dissolve in your water. If your water is sputtering, get your water tested and treated by a water well contractor if necessary. It’s also possible that the pipe that connects the well pump to your water system (known as the drop pipe) is damaged and simply needs replaced.

Water Pressure is Low

Before you get too nervous, low water pressure can be due to a number of factors. While the worst case scenario is that your well is in fact running dry, low water pressure can also indicate that your well pump has gone kaput, there could be a faulty valve, or your pipe could be clogged. In any case, it’s best to call a professional water well contractor to get down to the root of the problem before any further damage occurs.

Neighbors are Having Trouble Too

If you share a well with your neighbors, check with them to see if they are having any issues. If they are, it’s likely a deeper problem that will need to be addressed right away. If their water is fine, it’s more likely that your filter is clogged or damaged.

Power Bill is Suddenly High

When a water pump is damaged or a pipe is clogged, your pump has to work twice as hard to get water to your water system. That extra energy will show up on your power bill, which can be frightening. If it isn’t your water pump or a blockage, it might also be a broken check valve. When your check valve is broken, you system will pump water back down into the well, signaling the pump to turn back on again. This on-again-off-again cycle could have your pump running the full 24 hours a day without you knowing.


What To Do If Your Water Well Runs Dry

If your water well is drying out, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to plug it. First, it’s possible that your water pump is positioned too high in the well and the water is hanging out below the pump. Call a professional to examine the water well and adjust the height of the pump if it’s too high. If you find that your water well is running dry and you need to abandon your well, Call Double R Water Well Services to take a look. We can plug your well and help you get scheduled to hook up to city water, if that’s what you would like to do.